Membership benefits

Benefit Description
Workout sessions Access to an unlimited number of indoor and outdoor workouts. Read more about our workouts here..
GET MOV IN' events Invitation to lectures, exhibition, seminars and other happenings that we have come across.
Kerstin Florian products in the shower room We have selected shower gel, shampoo and conditioner from SPAmärket Kerstin Florian. Provides a pleasant and sensory feeling after a workout.
Free loan of certain special equipment For example, roller skis, skikes, long boards, bicycles and kayaks
Breakfast 10% discount for groups up to 4 people. As a member you can also purchase a discount card for breakfast.
Lunch Beverages such as mineral water and light beer are included.
Dinner 10% discount on dishes from our á la carte menu and some chosen drinks. This discount is valid for you along with one other person.
Group room for max 4 people 50% discount
when you book at least 7 days in advance, otherwise 15 %.
Conference room 15% discount
Hotel room 10% discount at our Mornington Hotel
Book loan Free loan of books from Mornington Hotel guest library.